The Only Emergency is Evers’ Unlawful Emergency Declarations

Just as the current spike in positive COVID-19 tests has not resulted in a concurrent spike in deaths, it has not led to a dramatic rise in hospitalizations, indicating that the statutory requirement of a “large number of…long-term disabilities” has not been met and thus a new public health emergency cannot be lawfully declared. #sharethefacts #getinvolvedwi Continue Reading


Ashland County Health Officials Rescind Order to Temporarily Close Bars, Taverns

The Ashland County Board is preparing to close down local Ashland businesses under the guise of government “knowing what’s better” for its citizens vs. individuals’ ability and sense to make decisions for themselves. The Marathon County Health & Human Services Committee, along with Health Officer Joan Theurer will be meeting this Wednesday, September 30 at 4pm in the Courthouse Assembly Room.


Prevent Evers from issuing his third Covid-19 emergency declaration

Marathon County, it’s time again to contact our state legislators and demand that they take action on Gov. Evers issuing his third Covid-19 emergency declaration (Executive Order 90) that allows for the Governor and DHS Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm to issue dictatorial public health edicts.


Wisconsin Launches “You Stop the Spread” Multimedia Campaign

“Help us spread the word by taking a picture of yourself (feel free to include friends) doing your part (wearing a mask, washing your hands, staying 6 feet from others) and post on your social media accounts…”Wisconsin Launches “You Stop the Spread” Multimedia Campaign