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Get Involved Wisconsin is a grassroots group formed to mobilize citizens to participate and take action to address decisions made by government officials that effect our lives in our local communities.

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When will Americans start acting like free people?

The bottom line: The left is hell bent on manipulating people’s minds and controlling their lives. The sooner people grasp that, the better.


The religion of maskology

For those of us who value breathing fresh air as a priority, we see the absurdity of the mantra “it’s for the …

Upcoming Meetings

NCHC Executive Committee

Category: NCHC Committees Location: North Central Health Care Importance: Normal Priority NCHC Executive Committee will meet via WebEx: Agenda Packet

Social Services Board

Category: County Board/Committees Location: 210-212 River Drive, Wausau Importance: Normal Priority The Marathon County Social Services Board will meet on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.. The meeting will be held in Room 5 at

City County IT Commission

Category: Council/Committees Location: City Hall City County IT Commission Location City Hall 2nd Floor Board Room

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