September 27, 2020

The Ashland County Board is preparing to close down local Ashland businesses under the guise of government “knowing what’s better” for its citizens vs. individuals’ ability and sense to make decisions for themselves.

The Marathon County Health & Human Services Committee, along with Health Officer Joan Theurer will be meeting this Wednesday, September 30 at 4pm in the Courthouse Assembly Room. One of the agenda items is to continue their discussion on a County Communicable Disease Ordinance. In their last meeting, they discussed “how local government will provide enforcement mechanisms” related to communicable diseases. So, evidently encouraging citizens to turn each other in to the county isn’t nearly enough and they are pursuing measures which undoubtedly will restrict citizens from freely living their lives with the ability and sense to make decisions for themselves.

Will there be another shutdown in Marathon County? Be prepared! Attend Wednesday’s meeting and stay tuned for information on future meetings with the executive committee and full board. Make your concerns known to your board supervisors.