February 1, 2023

Thank you to all that attended the January 21, 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Educational Event.

The event highlighted the critical importance of the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election and YOUR role in winning.
A special thanks to all participants, including:
Congressman Tom Tiffany
Speaker Robin Vos
State Rep. Scott Krug
State Senator Cory Tomczyk
Judge Jennifer Dorow
Former Justice Daniel Kelly
Fond du Lac District Attorney Eric Toney
MacIver Institute’s Brett Healy
WI Institute For Liberty’s Dan Lennington
Americans For Prosperity’s Annette Olson
Wisconsin Right to Life’s Heather Weininger
Attorney Lane Ruhland
Wisconsin Activist Advocate Bob Seitz

A very special thanks to our venue hosts at NorthStar Restoration Services!

What You Must Do

YOUR WISCONSIN: There are two critical state Supreme Court elections in Wisconsin in 2023. What is really on the ballot? YOUR FREEDOMS. Act 10, Conceal Carry, CRT in the Classrooms, Redistricting, Right to Life, Right to Work, School Choice, Voter ID – the list is lengthy.

YOUR REMINDER: Voters will narrow the field to two candidates in the February 21 Spring Primary. The next Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice will then be elected in the April 4 Spring Election. Wisconsin conservatives must come together to ensure that a liberal justice is not elected to the state Supreme Court.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Engage 20 individuals within your circle of influence (and beyond) to VOTE CONSERVATIVE for the February 21 Spring Primary and again for the April 4th Spring Election. VOTE EARLY instructions here.